View of Pambula Lake

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Harts Gully Retreat

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Discover our story

Harts Gully Retreat is Andy and Smily’s escape from the city, using this beautiful block of land as a couples bush retreat and recreation area not just for ourselves but for others too. We truly love the natural beauty of this place and we aim to continue the conservation efforts of previous owners. We will attempt to blog our progress as we go about maintaining and eventually upgrading it into a comfortable eco-friendly retreat.

Find us on the south coast

Harts Gully Retreat is a 3 hour drive east of Canberra, 6 hours south of Sydney and 7 hours north of Melbourne. It’s nestled on a quiet block of tree-filled land right on Pambula Lake. We are also only 10-15 minutes away from several beach towns where supplies are aplenty. You can find us between Pambula and Eden.

Take a walk through 45 acres of bush

The native wildlife

There are a range of birds, animals, plants and insects on the property and also in the Nullica State Forest which is right next to us.

We plan on cataloguing the native flora and fauna found across the property on this site and hopefully learn more about how to keep them safe and happy.


Relax by the water

Pambula Lake and the river

You can fish from the shore or go out on your kayak onto Pambula Lake, explore the estuary or travel up the river. This lake has a lot of oyster farms.

The creek and the pond

Harts Gully turns into Harts Creek which fills up a small pond near the highway overpass before heading towards the lake over marshy ground.

Boat shed