New beginnings

For several years we’d been looking for somewhere on the South Coast, somewhere that we can relax and get away from the stress of our normal working lives and here we are now with our dream plot of land. Purchased in 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic, we know how lucky we are.

It’s on the water and also covered in native bushland. Yeah it’s a little scary with the fires of 2020 but fires are a part of life in Australia and we’re not keeping anything too valuable here. The previous owner had a bushfire assessment plan done, stay tuned for some blog posts about that.

With enough notice, family and friends can also camp out here and enjoy:

  • picking some fruit (peaches ripen around February)
  • spotting some kangaroos (best seen hopping around at dawn/dusk)
  • kayaking and fishing in the lake/river (check online for high tide information)
  • hiking through the bushland across the road (very thick bushland, be careful please)
  • heading down the road for some fresh oysters from the nearby oyster farms, there’s a cool oyster tour you might get to enjoy post-covid
  • heading down the road to connect with the local culture (Jigamy Farm is nearby although right now they’re shut too)
  • visiting some of the many many attractions on the Sapphire Coast

Please note it’s a “leave it as you found it” type of situation so any rubbish and waste must be taken with you and care taken not to mess with any environmentally sensitive spots. We are toying with the idea of setting up some nice glamping tents for a higher level of comfort but you can also stay at one of the cute local caravan parks in Eden/Pambula/Merimbula.

Moving forward, Sumali will be the website/social media/IT person, Andy will be the builder/inventor/maintenance person so stay tuned for more blogs about our progress.

Thanks for all your support thus far and hope to show you guys around the place soon!